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24 NOV – 4 DEC 2022 and 19 MAR – 29 MAR 2023

Secure your booking now. We only run this tour twice a year and the number of participants is limited to 5.



If you have some previous off-road experience, although limited, enjoy remoteness, wide open and desert-like spaces, then this route is made for you.

If you add wild camping to the equation (alternating with comfortable lodges) then you’ll get the ultimate off-road motorcycle adventure of South Africa, the kind of once in a lifetime riding and human experience.

As the longest 4×4 route in the country, the Namaqua Eco Trail is also one of the prettiest. The countryside is characterised by winding rivers and dramatic mountain ranges.

The Fish River Canyon is the largest canyon in Africa, featuring a gigantic ravine, in total about 160 kilometres long, up to 27 km wide and in places almost 550 meters deep.

The Richtersveld Transfrontier Park is regarded as the only arid biodiversity hotspot on earth and the majority of the area is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List due to its cultural values.

We take it at a leisurely pace, which means there is plenty of time for breaks, photo shooting, or simply relaxing and enjoying the moment.

The terrain comprises a combination of gravel, rock and sand, with some exciting river crossings and dongas to negotiate. Riders can expect a number of steep slopes (both inclines and declines) and some serious zig-zags to test their skills




Day 1:

Meeting at endurafrica, collection of rider’s apparel.

Drive to Springbok (560km). Collection of the bikes. 

Day 2: 198km

Springbok  Klein Pella (guest farm)

Day 3: 130km

Klein Pella – Charles’ Pass – Groot Melkboom (campsite)

Day 4: 160km

Groot Melkboom – Amam dunes – Ramansdrift – Kamgab (campsite)

Day 5: 227km

Kamgab – Road to Hell – Vioolsdrift – Ai Ais (Namibia, lodge or campsite)

Day 6: 221km

Ai Ais – Fish River Canyon  Ai Ais

Day 7: 219km

Ai Ais – Richtersveld Transfrontier Park – Gannakouriep (campsite or cottage)

Day 8147km

Gannakouriep  Tierhoek (campsite)

Day 9: 209km

Tierhoek – Alexander Bay – Bakkrans Caves (campsite)

Day 10: 274 or 286km

Bakkrans Caves – Namaqua National Park – Springbok (guest house)

Day 11

Drive back to Bellville-Cape Town, (by car, 560km.

Restitution of bikes and rider’s apparel – End




Duration: 11 days

Riding days: 9

Difficulty: up to grade 3

Overall sandy and rocky terrain.

Participants: maximum 5

Start/End: Bellville (Cape Town)





Campsite and guest house




All-inclusive package with rental motorbike:

Product code NAM-11-B

ZAR 53’300

Additional charges:

+10% / person for groups of less than 3


All-inclusive package without rental motorbike:

Product code NAM-11

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Due to the complexity of the logistics (campsites, permits, supplies, petrol, limited number of lodges, etc), we only organise this tour twice a year, and the number of guests is limited to 5. Don’t miss it!!!


Motorbikes: We stick to our “light bike” concept (Honda CRF250L, CRF300L or equivalent), which has proven very efficient in technical terrain.

Because of the limited top speed of the small displacement bikes, the tour starts and ends in Springbok.


We are happy to organise extra accommodation for you, e.g. on the day before the tour and/or last day, please specify your request in the booking form.


Please visit our Ts&Cs.



We will send you a detailed programme & schedule once the booking has been confirmed.