At endurafrica we love and enjoy riding light bikes.

Larger adventure bikes may be comfortable on tar and easy gravel roads, but lighter enduro machines provide much more confidence and fun on technical terrain.


All our bikes are serviced after each trip.

Husqvarna FE350


The 250 has not enough power and the 450 is too intimidating? The 350FE is not far from being the perfect bike for advanced riders: torquey, agile on single trails, stable at higher speed. Seat height: 960mm. 

Yamaha YZ250FX


Originally designed as a cross-country racing bike, the 2020’s YZ250FX, beside its fantastic handling, features an on-the-go map selection, which makes it perfectly suitable to technical trail riding. For advanced riders only. Seat height: 965mm.

Beta Alp 4.0


Easy-to-ride bike, equipped with a torquey Suzuki DR 350ccm engine. With long suspension travel, decent road capabilities and very good off-road performances, combined with a seat height of only 865mm, the Alp 4.0 suits most riders and is perfectly adapted to the intended tasks.

Honda CRF250/450L


Featuring Honda’s proven reliability, both the CRF250L and CRF450L are the kind of motorcycles that can safely bring you anywhere, whilst still providing decent on-road comfort. Seat height: 870mm (250) and 920mm (450). Don’t be fooled by the specs of the technical sheets, these bikes are way more capable than what it seems. 


We like functional and safe gear. Whilst riding in the middle of nowhere the best is just good enough.


The rental equipment listed below has been thoroughly evaluated and tested, for your comfort and safety.

Body armour

The Leatt Airfit protector can be used under an enduro jersey, if you don’t need pockets, or a light adventure jacket.

Hydration Bag

A product that for sure will become your best friend…

Temperatures can rise up to 45ºC during the summer months.

Neck Brace

A must for all off-road riders.

We can only recommend the use of the life saving Leatt neck brace…

Exped Torrent

Once developed by endurafrica’s founder for Exped (Switzerland), the Torrent 30L is the ultimate dust & waterproof day pack for all your adventures.

For sale exclusively at endurafrica:

R 1’800.00

Gear rental prices on request. Do not forget to tick the appropriate boxes whilst completing the booking form.