!!! NEW !!!    A picturesque off-road journey to Darling and back, suitable for beginners

!!! NEW !!!   The Old Postal Route Express (2 riding days) in the Tanka Karoo & Cederberg

!!! BESTSELLER !!!   Paarl discovery day tour around and in the Paarl Nature Reserve


Following the disrespectful behaviour of some riders and 4×4 drivers, an increased number of gates have recently been locked in the Tankwa. It is a shame that an entire community of riders and small businesses will have to pay the price because of a few selfish individuals. Please DO NOT leave the tracks, TAKE your rubbish with you, and RESPECT the land and its owners!!!

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At endurafrica we are committed to share our passion for adventure riding with you.


We organise exclusive adventure tours, suitable for off-road newcomers, that will be remembered for a lifetime.


No hardcore enduro with us, we focus on discovery tours, with small Dual-Purpose motorbikes, at a slow pace, allowing participants to enjoy some of the most unspoilt areas in Southern Africa.


The routes have been carefully selected to offer you challenges, fun and unforgettable memories.


Revel in the beauty of the Cederberg and Tankwa Karoo, riding remote gravel roads, rocky tracks, sand and drifts whilst losing yourself in its vast open spaces.


As your safety is our priority, a 4×4 support car will follow you along the route, providing food, drinks, petrol and technical assistance, whilst carrying your luggage to the next destination. 


Join us to discover some of the best adventure rides South Africa has to offer with endurafrica




Collect information about the routes, the organisation, the difficulty grade, and plenty of useful tips.



Have a look at the awesome routes we’ve selected for you, or let us customise and organise the tour of your dreams.



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Enjoy our selected pictures and videos taken along some of the most beautiful routes in South Africa.