Terms & Conditions


To secure any booking we require a deposit (25% of the total amount) to be paid in advance. The full amount must be settled no later than 30 days before the tour start.



Please note that a bank fee of 5% is added to all payments in foreign currency.



Amounts already paid are only returned in accordance with the following conditions:

Cancellation made 3 months or more in advance of tour start = Full refund (except deposit)

Cancellation made between 1-3 months in advance of tour start = 50% refund (except deposit)

Cancellation made 30 days or less in advance of tour start = no refund

Please not that deposits are not refund in the event of a cancellation. We advise you to contract a cancellation insurance in your country of residence.



A cash deposit of R7’500 (or 500€) covering possible damages and/or the insurance excess must be made on arrival. endurafrica’s insurance only covers damages sustained on tar roads.


Parts, which might be damaged during a tour, include but are not limited to:

levers, radiator(s), lights, handlebar, hand guards, wheels, disks, suspension, exhaust, commands, frame, broken or deformed plastics.


Should the damage exceeds the deposit amount and the repairs will be invoiced separately.

We are aware that off-road motorbikes might suffer minor scratches during tours, and in that manner we do not consider them as a damage.



endurafrica (Pty) Ltd reserve the right to exclude a participant from the tour, without financial compensation, if the said participants would be found guilty of:

-Riding and behaving in a dangerous manner

-Endangering other participants

-Not following the instructions of the guide

-Not providing the proof of emergency evacuation and medical expenses insurance

-Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs



By signing and returning the booking form, the participant:

-accepts that neither endurafrica (Pty) Ltd, the guide, nor the hosting facilities, is liable for any injury or damages, to person or property, resulting from the taking of the tour booked;

-agrees with the above Ts&Cs.


We are committed to deliver safe and unique motorbike adventures.

Endurafrica tours are not races, our main focus is the riding and human experience in an untouched nature.


Most of our routes pass through private properties, and in order to further enjoy a good relationship with the land owners, we as a company:


-Respect the environment and leave the places clean;

-Do not ride outside of the marked tracks and trails;

-Behave in a way does not cause any damage;

-Ride responsibly in order to not disturb both land owners and other users;

-Support local businesses as far as possible;

-Ask for permission wherever required;

-Use CE-type motorbikes limiting both emissions and noise levels


Furthermore, we are committed to provide help and assistance to others if needed.