All tours begin with a full day enduro training at the dedicated location.

Training offers you the opportunity to familiarize. yourself with the bike that you will use during the tour, improve your riding skills and enjoy nature along the selected loop(s).


The day is also the perfect opportunity to learn or review your daily maintenance techniques and refresh you first aid basics. 

It also affords you the time to meet and socialise with your fellow riders.


Training day(s) can also be booked separately.


Duration: 7 hours


€ 250 (ZAR 3’600) / day / person incl. bike, petrol & lunch

€ 150 (ZAR 2’200) / day / person for training & lunch only

Off-road grades commonly used in South Africa:


Grade 1:  Easy gravel road

Grade 2:  Loose gravel, short sandy sections

Grade 3:  Long sandy sections, drifts, rocks, steep terrain

Grade 4:  Technical off-road, not suitable for large motorbikes

Grade 5:  Very technical off-road